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Acting for the protection of Human Rights Defenders

Justiça Global is committed to working in partnership with organizations and movements to pursue the protection of human rights defenders. In 2017, the joint work with the Brazilian Committee of Human Rights Defenders and with the National Human Rights Council (CNDH) generated publications, international reports and political incidence on issues such as land and rural conflicts and indigenous peoples’ rigths violations. The Brazilian Committee of HRD launched, on July 4th, the report “Struggling Lives”, which points to the death of 66 defenders and the criminalization of 64 more in 2016, highlighting the actions of corporations and even of the State against these people.

Our actions also addressed the United Nations, with reports and a meeting with the UN Special Rapporteur Michel Forst, on the situation of Human Rights defenders, in October. It was pointed out to the Rapporteur that in August of this year, according to the Land Pastoral Commission (CPT), the number of 54 defenders killed in the country, which already projects 2017 as even more violent than 2016. As part of the Committee, Justiça Global participated in the building of missions to deal with cases of violations in Conceição do Mato Dentro (MG), a city affected by the Anglo American Mining Company; Pau D’Arco (BA), where the massacre of ten workers took place, and Correntina (BA), where residents struggle for the right to access water.

At the CNDH, Justiça Global is a member of the board of directors and coordinates the Human Rights Defenders and Fight Against Criminalization Permanent Commission, which meets periodically to address national issues such as Belo Monte Power Plant, quilombola issues, public safety and anti setbacks measures such as the labour reform and the expansion of the Penal State. The council manifests itself through resolutions, public notices and recommendations to the State. It is a two years term, being the second in 2018, during which Justiça Global will focus on blocking the continued attempts to reverse the country’s ongoing Human Rights policies, as always. The CNDH has fulfilled an important role of resistance and denunciation of this process of democratic rupture that Brazil goes through.