International Justice

Effectively guaranteeing human rights requires connecting the local to the global action. This is what Justiça Global’s expertise shows. Since its foundation, the organization has worked alongside international human rights protection systems in constant partnership with social movements, communities, families and affected individuals.

Whether within the scope of the Organization of American States (OAS) or the United Nations (UN), the purpose is for complaints of human rights violations to bring about structural changes, promoting policies of reparation, prevention and non-repetition for those affected and for society as a whole.

— Alongside the family members of Damião Ximenes Lopes, Justiça Global was the petitioner in the first case at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights that resulted in the conviction of the Brazilian State, in 2006.

Furthermore, it is important that Brazilian civil society organizations — as part of the Global South — follow the debate on the improvement of international instruments, through advocacy for the drafting and ratification of treaties that effectively promote human rights.

— Since 2019, Justiça Global has had consultative status at the UN Human Rights Council.