Fighting police violence

The 2023 Security Yearbook reports that 6,429 people died as a result of police violence in one year in Brazil. According to data from the Network of Public Security Observatories, 65% of these victims were black. This number reflects the public security policy in Brazil, which is based on a militarized, belligerent paradigm that is incompatible with democracy.

Made visible by the business-military dictatorship and strengthened by the rhetoric of the war on drugs, the action (both direct or by omission) of criminal policies intensifies the genocide of black populations, as seen in increasingly frequent police mega-operations in favelas, peripheral communities and regions in several cities across the country. The consequences of this model are summary executions, forced disappearances, arbitrary arrests, and the imposition of suffering and illness on women.

Based on that, Justiça Global monitors and reports cases, recommends policies to reduce police violence and strengthen external control over the activity of law-enforcement agencies, and works to strengthen movements against state violence, especially those led by mothers and families of victims.

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